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A Milestone: Reaching 200 Publications In JACS

A recent research paper—by Postdoctoral Fellow Tae-woo Kwon and co-workers—entitled “Mechanochemical Enhancement of the Structural Stability of Pseudorotaxane Intermediates in the Synthesis of Rotaxanes”...
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Hongliang’s Research Article Published in Matter

Postdoctoral Researcher Hongliang Chen’s research article entitled Promotion and Suppression of Single-molecule Conductance by Quantum Interference in Macrocyclic Circuits has been published in Matter....
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A Minireview on Second-Sphere Coordination Contributed by Wenqi (Vince) Liu and Partha J Das Published in CCS Chemistry

Second-sphere coordination, a concept promoted by us in collaboration with David Williams (formerly, Imperial College London) and Howard Colquhoun (formerly, the ICI Corporate Laboratory...
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Hongliang’s Review Article Published in Nature Reviews Materials

A review article entitled From Molecular to Supramolecular Electronics has been published in Nature Review Materials by former Postdoctoral Research Fellow Hongliang Chen. Using...
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Mechanisorption by Liang Feng & Yunyan Qiu Published in Science

The long-standing challenge of establishing an active mode of adsorption in the past century has been cracked! The collaborative efforts of our Postdoctoral Fellows...
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Liang Feng named to the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 list

Postdoctoral Fellow Liang Feng was named to Forbes Magazine’s prestigious 30 Under 30 list for 2022. The annual list (North America), released on December 1 each...
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Dr Margaret Schott Selected as Incoming Chair-Elect by ACS Chicago

Dr Margaret (Peggy) Schott, a Senior Research Associate in the Department of Chemistry and member of the Stoddart Group since 2008, has been selected...
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