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Science is Global : Science Knows no Boundaries

Fraser Stoddart and Dean Astumian, professor of physics at the University of Maine, have come together to pen an important message to the global...
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Liang Feng is the 2021 Texas A&M Distinguished Dissertation Award Runner-Up

Postdoctoral Fellow Liang Feng has been selected to receive the runner-up’s prize associated with 2021 Texas A&M Distinguished Dissertation Award! The Texas A&M Graduate and Professional School...
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A Review Contributed by Yu Wang and Huang Wu Published in Accounts of Chemical Research

A review article entitled Molecular Triangles : A New Class of Macrocycles has been published in Accounts of Chemical Research by Postdoctoral Fellows Yu Wang and...
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Yanli Zhao Named Lee Soo Ying Professor in Materials Chemistry at NTU in Singapore

Yanli was a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Group from Oct 2005 to Aug 2010 – from Oct 2005 to Dec 2009 at UCLA, from...
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Former Undergraduate Researcher David Pe Awarded an NSF GRF

The Graduate Research Fellowship (GRF) is awarded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in recognition of outstanding graduate students with noted potential to contribute...
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Wenqi (Vince) Liu′s Review Article Published in Chem

Postdoctoral Researcher Wenqi (Vince) Liu′s review article on “Emergent Behavior in Nanoconfined Molecular Containers” has been published in Chem. Confined nanospaces, which provide discrete physical...
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Hongliang Chen’s Research Recognized on the Cover of JACS

Postdoctoral Researcher Hongliang Chen‘s full paper entitled Single-molecule charge transport through positively charged electrostatic anchors has been selected to appear as a Supplementary Cover...
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