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Science is Global : Science Knows no Boundaries

Fraser Stoddart and Dean Astumian, professor of physics at the University of Maine, have come together to pen an important message to the global...
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Liang Feng Selected as the Runner-Up for the 2021 Metrohm USA Young Chemist Award

Postdoctoral Fellow Liang Feng has been selected to receive the runner-up’s prize associated with 2021 Metrohm USA Young Chemist Award! Metrohm USA has presented this esteemed award...
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Former Postdoctoral Fellow Leah Witus Nets a Cottrell Scholar Award

Former Stoddart group postdoctoral fellow (2012–2015) Leah Witus, who is now an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Macalester College, was selected as a recipient...
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Welcome to Arthur David

Welcome to Dr Arthur David who is joining us as a Postdoctoral Fellow! He previously obtained BSc and MSc degrees from the University of Rennes...
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Professorship in Korea for Kwan Woo Nam

Kwan Woo Nam is taking his leave of the Stoddart Group at Northwestern University in order to start his independent academic career in research...
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Rafal Klajn Named Laureate in Chemistry for Israel among the 2021 Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists

Former Stoddart Group collaborator and honorary group member, Rafal Klajn, who is currently an Associate Professor in Chemistry and Head of the Helen and...
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Fraser Stoddart Named Honorary Lifetime Fellow by the Indian Chemical Society

Fraser was recently named an Honorary Lifetime Fellow by the Indian Chemical Society at the Annual Convention of the Society held virtually December 26–29,...
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