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Science is Global : Science Knows no Boundaries

Fraser Stoddart and Dean Astumian, professor of physics at the University of Maine, have come together to pen an important message to the global...
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Postdoctoral Researcher Wenqi “Vince” Liu Launched a Professorship at The University of South Florida

Wenqi “Vince” Liu is taking his leave of the Stoddart Group at Northwestern to commence his independent academic career in the United States. He will...
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Xiao-Yang Chen and Dengke Shen Clinch Cover Status for Their Latest JACS Full Paper

A full paper by postdoctoral researcher Xiao-Yang Chen and former group member Dengke Shen (now Professor at Anhui University, China) entitled Selective Photodimerization in a Cyclodextrin Metal-Organic Framework has...
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Liang Feng Selected as a 2021 American Chemical Society PMSE Future Faculty Scholar

Postdoctoral Fellow Liang Feng has been selected as a 2021 American Chemical Society PMSE Future Faculty Scholar. The goal of the annual PMSE Future Faculty Symposium is to...
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Chenfeng Ke selected as a 2021 American Chemical Society PMSE Young Investigator

Former Stoddart group postdoctoral fellow (2011-2015) Chenfeng Ke, now Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Dartmouth College, was selected as a 2021 American Chemical Society...
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A Minireview Contributed by Qinghui Guo, Yang Jiao and Yuanning Feng Published in CCS Chemistry

Molecular architectures with topologies exist both in everyday life and in the microscopic world. Examples can be found ranging from shoelaces, fishing nets and...
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Kang and Long’s Review Article Published in Nature Reviews Chemistry

A review article entitled Radical-Pairing-Induced Molecular Assembly and Motion has been published in Nature Review Chemistry by Kang Cai and Long Zhang. Free radicals...
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