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A Preview by Former Group Member Kang Cai Published in Chem

A Preview in Chem entitled Making Organic Nanotubes With Precision was published recently by former group member Kang Cai and his graduate student Si-Dan Guo of Nankai University. This Preview highlights a piece of research published in Nature Synthesis by former group member Andrew C.-H. Sue of Xiamen University.

The challenges faced in controlling the monodispersity of synthetic nanotubes have hampered the exploration and development of chemistry in confined spaces. Recently, however, Sue and coworkers reported the successful synthesis of a pair of chiral 1D covalent organic pillars (COP-1) with precise lengths and diameters. The strategy they employed involves linking covalently a pair of pillar[5]arene derivatives with multiple rigid spacers to afford discrete organic nanotubes. Moreover, the design strategies described in the Nature Synthesis article could have implications for other rim-differentiated nanorings and nanobelts and could lead to the construction of 1D nanotubes with more diverse structures and properties. This remarkable advance in the bottom-up synthesis of organic nanotubes will not only help deepen our understanding of chemistry in nano-confined spaces, but will also stimulate interest in emergent applications in both materials sciences and biotechnology.

Congratulations, Si-Dan and Kang! Congratulations to Andrew and his team! A terrific piece of research!

Pictured below – Si-Dan Guo and Kang Cai alongside the structural depictions used in their Chem Preview: