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Serena Riela is elevated to a Full Professorship at the University of Catania

Former group member Serena Riela, Associate Professor in the Department of Biological Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies (STEBICEF) of the University of Palermo from 2018, has recently been appointed to the position of Full Professor in the Department of Chemical Science of the University of Catania. Serena’s research interests are in nanotechnology, specifically the covalent and supramolecular modification of clay minerals, in particular clay nanotubes, their characterization, and the controlled release of active species.

For her research in 2022 she was awarded of the Prize for Scientific Research in “Organic Chemistry in Health Science” by the Organic Chemistry Division of Società Chimica Italiana.

During her stay in the Stoddart Group at UCLA, Serena worked on the design and synthesis of β-cyclodextrin ammonium glycoclusters as drug/gene-delivery vehicles.

Pictured below — Professor Serena Riela alongside the University of Catania logo: