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A Milestone: Reaching 200 Publications In JACS

A recent research paper—by Postdoctoral Fellow Tae-woo Kwon and co-workers—entitled “Mechanochemical Enhancement of the Structural Stability of Pseudorotaxane Intermediates in the Synthesis of Rotaxanes”...
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Electron Catalyzed Molecular Recognition by Yang Jiao and Yunyan Qiu Published in Nature

For the first time, electrons can be used to promote Molecular Recognition and Host–Guest Complexation processes! The collaborative efforts of Postdoctoral Fellow Yang Jiao...
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Liang Feng Listed as a 2022 CAS Future Leader and an RSC Poster Winner

Postdoctoral Fellow Liang Feng was selected as a 2022 CAS Future Leader by the ACS Division of Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS). The CAS Future Leaders program...
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Andrew Sue Named Recipient of 2021 Sessler Early Career Researcher Prize

Former Stoddart Group PhD Student and Postdoctoral Researcher Andrew C-H Sue, currently a Professor at the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Xiamen...
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Zhichang’s Article in CCS Chem: Mechanical Capture of Active Intermediates Employing Molecular Strain Engineering

The long-standing challenge of trapping an active native phlorin intermediate in the past six decades has been cracked! A communication entitled “Mechanical trapping of...
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Mechanisorption Featured in Nature Chemistry and Angewandte Chemie

A research article—published by our Foresight Fellows Liang Feng and Yunyan Qiu collaborating with the molecular-machine theorist R. Dean Astumian from the University of...
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Yang and Aspen review in Chem: How to edit the chemical modifications of molecules

A review article entitled “Weak-Bonding Strategies for Achieving Regio- and Site-Selective Transformations” has been published in Chem by Postdoctoral Fellows Yang Jiao and Aspen...
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