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A Milestone: Reaching 200 Publications In JACS

A recent research paper—by Postdoctoral Fellow Tae-woo Kwon and co-workers—entitled “Mechanochemical Enhancement of the Structural Stability of Pseudorotaxane Intermediates in the Synthesis of Rotaxanes”...
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Fraser Presents at the 20th RIES-HOKUDAI International Symposium

The 20th RIES-Hokudai International Symposium was held in Hokkaido, Japan on December 2–3 with Fraser Stoddart presenting as the invited plenary speaker. He used...
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Fraser Participates in Action-Packed Day of Talks in Beijing

Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) Chemistry Professor Hui Li, oftentimes visitor to the Research Palace in the Department of Chemistry at Northwestern University, managed...
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2016 Nobel Laureate Stamps are Worth a Visit to e-Bay

Ken Leung, Fraser’s host from the Baptist University during his recent visit to Hong Kong and keen philatelist, unearthed stamps from across the globe...
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Fraser Introduces Accomplished Chemists Chad Mirkin & Harry Anderson at IIN Symposium

The 2019 IIN Symposium on “Maps, Materials, and Methods for Navigating the Nanoscale World” was held in Evanston on Thursday, November 14. Fraser introduced Professor Chad...
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Fraser Organizes and Presents at Beilstein Nanotechnology Symposium

Fraser Stoddart, along with Cafer T Yavuz from the Korea Institute of Science and Technology, were the scientific organizers of the 2019 Beilstein Nanotechnology Symposium on New Directions...
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Fraser Presents Barnett F Dodge Distinguished Lecture at Yale

On Thursday October 31, 2019 Fraser Stoddart presented a lecture on The Growing Impact of the Mechanical Bond on Polymer and Material Sciences at Yale University in the Barnett...
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