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Fraser Introduces Accomplished Chemists Chad Mirkin & Harry Anderson at IIN Symposium

The 2019 IIN Symposium on “Maps, Materials, and Methods for Navigating the Nanoscale World” was held in Evanston on Thursday, November 14. Fraser introduced Professor Chad Mirkin, Director of the International Institute for Nanotechnology and winner of the 2019 Kabiller Prize in Nanoscience and Nanomedicine. Chad is a highly decorated scientist and prolific inventor as well as an impactful teacher of over 21,000 graduate students and mentor to over 300 graduate students.  Fraser also had the pleasure to introduce Professor Harry Anderson from the University of Oxford.  Harry, who is known internationally for his pioneering contributions to the design and synthesis of molecular and supramolecular materials, pushes the envelope when it comes to designing and synthesizing unnatural products with his ground-breaking approaches to the template-directed synthesis.