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Aleksandr Bosoy

Another One from Down Under!

Former Stoddart Group PhD Student, Albert Fahrenbach, who was just promoted to Senior Lecturer in a continuing position at the University of New South...
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Liang Reviews in Nature Review Chemistry: Controlling Dynamics in Extended Molecular Frameworks

A review article entitled “Controlling Dynamics in Extended Molecular Frameworks” has been published in Nature Reviews Chemistry by Postdoctoral Fellow Liang Feng. Molecular machines...
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A Publication on Alkoxy-Substituted Quadrupolar Fluorescent Dyes Published in JACS

A research article entitled “Alkoxy-Substituted Quadrupolar Fluorescent Dyes” has been published recently in Journal of the American Chemical Society by Postdoctoral Fellow Yuanning Feng. Polar...
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A Milestone: Reaching 200 Publications In JACS

A recent research paper—by Postdoctoral Fellow Tae-woo Kwon and co-workers—entitled “Mechanochemical Enhancement of the Structural Stability of Pseudorotaxane Intermediates in the Synthesis of Rotaxanes”...
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Albert Fahrenbach Promoted to Senior Lecturer at the University of New South Wales

Former Stoddart Group PhD Student Albert Fahrenbach, who accepted a position as a Lecturer in prebiotic chemistry in the School of Chemistry at the...
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Former Postdoctoral Scholar Paul McGonigal Recognized in Annual RSC Prize List

Associate Professor Paul McGonigal of Durham University has been awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry’s 2022 Harrison–Meldola Memorial Prize. This long-running and prestigious prize...
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