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Yu and Huang’s Review Article Published in Advanced Materials

A Review article entitled “Color-Tunable Supramolecular Luminescent Materials” by Postdoctoral Fellows Yu Wang and Huang Wu has been published in Advanced Materials.

The construction of color-tunable organic luminescent materials has aroused increasing attention on account of their broad applications in materials science and biomedical engineering. Supramolecular chemistry has opened up new opportunities for the development of smart optical materials. Noncovalent bonding interactions, not only afford convenient and efficient approaches to fabricate luminescent materials, but they also endow them with dynamic reversibility and stimuli responsiveness. Benefitting from the synergetic effect between intermolecular interactions, these materials are also able to exhibit some emergent luminescent properties, broadening their potential applications.

This Review highlights supramolecular strategies for the construction of color-tunable luminescent materials. It introduces representative approaches to tailor the fluorescence in host–guest complexes, supramolecular assemblies and crystalline materials. The noncovalent strategies employed to construct room-temperature phosphorescent materials are also outlined in the Review. In the discussion that follows, future directions and scientific challenges in the field of color-tunable supramolecular luminescent materials are addressed. It is hoped that this Review will provide some guidance toward the rational design of smart supramolecular optical materials and pave the way for their practical applications.

Pictured below – Yu Wang and Huang Wu alongside the graphical representation of their Review in Advanced Materials: