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Breaking Through the 1200 Glass Ceiling

A data analysis by Kang Cai of the group’s 1200 publications to date has resulted in this pie-chart in which journals where the group has published <4 articles are collected under Other. Note the dominance of JACS (J. Am. Chem. Soc.) and ACIE (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.), with respectable showings in Science, Nature, Nature Chemistry, Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Communications and Chem. Credit for this extensive coverage of the chemical literature goes to the >500 group members during >50 years and 100 or thereabouts senior collaborators amongst whom you will find the names of David Williams (246), Peter Ashton (155), Andrew White (80), Neil Spencer (78), Sandra Slawin (76), Vinenzo Balzani (67), Mike Wasielewski (59), Alberto Credi (47), Charlotte Stern (43), Bill Goddard (42), Margherita Venturi (40), Jeff Zink (37), Omar Farha (35), Jim Heath (35), Howard Colquhoun (27) and Omar Yaghi (13).

Pictured below – Pie Chart visualization of 1200 Stoddart Group Publications appearing in various journals: