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Xingang Zhao

Zhao, Xingang

Postdoctoral Fellow

Xingang Zhao grew up in Hebei province, China. He received his BS Degree at Hebei University of Technology in Tianjin, China and obtained his master’s degree from the Institute of Petrochemistry, Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences with Professor Chao Wang in Harbin, China. He pursued his graduate studies, leading to a PhD Degree at the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ICCAS) with Professor Xiaowei Zhan, working on the design, synthesis, and properties of organic imide/amide-functionalized conjugated polymers.  After spending some time working with (i) Professor Fred Wudl at University of California, Santa Barbara on organic solar cells, (ii) Professor Howard E Katz at Johns Hopkins University on organic thermoelectrics, and (iii) Professor Michael Wasielewski at Northwestern University on singlet fission, he joined Sir Fraser Stoddart’s group in September 2020. His current research interests include the design, synthesis, and characterization of macrocyclic receptors, mechanically interlocked molecules, and molecular machines.