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Chinnaraja Eswaran will be Joining Ohio State University as a Postdoctoral Fellow in July

Dr.Chinnaraja Eswaran will move to Ohio State University to start his next Postdoctoral Fellow position with Professor Rajanbabu in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry to expand his knowledge of asymmetric catalysis. His appointment begins in July 2023.

During the past couple of years in the Research Palace, Chinnaraja has explored the synthesis, chiroptical properties, and redox properties of diverse axially chiral catenanes and cyclophanes. These compounds are expected to be utilized for a range of applications in the near future.

Chinnaraja, congratulations on your success! We have no doubt that your career will soar to new heights, and we wish you the best of luck!

In the first photo, Chinnaraja is with Fraser on the occasion of his 81st birthday, following Fraser’s farewell talk at Northwestern University.
In the second photo, Chinnaraja is holding a book titled “The Nature of the Mechanical Bond: From Molecules to Machines” with Fraser’s autograph on it.