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Liang Feng Selected for UChicago Rising Star in Soft and Biological Matter

Postdoctoral Fellow Liang Feng has been selected for this year’s Rising Stars in Soft and Biological Matter symposium held on October 6-7 from 11:00-4:00 Central Time on Thursday and 10:00-3:40 CT on Friday. The speakers have been split into five sessions based on the subject matter, and the symposium is fully virtual. Liang will also be invited to participate in a one hour round table or panel discussion on the future opportunities in Soft and Biological Matter and on applying for academic jobs in engineering and/or materials science departments, and physics and/or chemistry departments.

The University of Chicago and University of California San Diego MRSECs are co-sponosoring this Rising Stars in Soft and Biological Matter Symposium.  This provides a platform for exceptional early-career scientists in the broad field of soft and biological matter to present their work.  The speakers are chosen for their track record of research accomplishments and demonstrated contributions to enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM. Liang will present his work entitled Bioinspired Mechanisorption: Storing Energy in Non-Equilibrium Soft Materials through Active Adsorption during the conference.

Pictured below – Liang Feng alongside the University of Chicago and UC San Diego logos: