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Postdoctoral Researcher Wenqi “Vince” Liu Launched a Professorship at The University of South Florida

Wenqi “Vince” Liu is taking his leave of the Stoddart Group at Northwestern to commence his independent academic career in the United States. He will take up a tenure-track position as an Assistant Professor in Organic Chemistry at the University of South Florida on August 9, 2021.

During his three years as a member of the Stoddart Group, Vince has developed a new molecular recognition platform based on a tricyclic octacationic cyclophane, namely, XCage. The unique molecular container shows remarkable properties for molecular recognition of perylene diimide and porphyrin dyes in addition to its function as a scaffold for the synthesis of suitane. He also achieved a couple of gold-mining technologies that reduce cost, energy consumption, and environmental impact by embracing second-sphere coordination between cyclodextrins and gold-coordination complexes.

Congratulations Vince! Now it’s time to do your own thing. We are looking forward to your future research. Good luck!

You can keep track of Vince’s independent research at his new group website:

Pictured below–Vince with Fraser in 2017 alongside the University of South Florida logo: