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Liang Feng Selected as a 2021 American Chemical Society PMSE Future Faculty Scholar

Postdoctoral Fellow Liang Feng has been selected as a 2021 American Chemical Society PMSE Future Faculty Scholar. The goal of the annual PMSE Future Faculty Symposium is to highlight and provide a forum for ~15 postdocs working on polymeric materials who will be applying for academic positions during that year, i.e., for appointments beginning the next year in 2022. The two-day official PMSE Future Faculty Symposium is slated for the Spring 2022 ACS National Meeting in San Diego CA and features oral presentations by talented postdocs who have made significant contributions to their respective fields within polymer materials science and engineering, e.g., synthesis, processing, characterization, physics and engineering of polymeric materials. In addition, a virtual social hour event for all PMSE Future Faculty participants during the timeframe of the 2021 Fall ACS National Meeting will be held. Liang will provide a presentation describing his research advances on the development of MOF-polymer composite materials.

Well done, Liang!  Many congratulations!  

Pictured below – 2021 ACS PMSE Future Faculty Scholar Liang Feng with Fraser alongside the ACS logo: