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Yanli Zhao Named Lee Soo Ying Professor in Materials Chemistry at NTU in Singapore

Yanli was a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Group from Oct 2005 to Aug 2010 – from Oct 2005 to Dec 2009 at UCLA, from Jan 2010 to Aug 2010 at NU. The Lee Soo Ying Professorship has been established to honor Emeritus Professor Lee Soo Ying who was the inaugural Dean of the College of Science, Nanyang Technological University (NTU). This Named Chair Professorship is to recognize the remarkable accomplishments of faculty members in research, education and innovation at NTU. Yanli will be the first holder of the Lee Soo Ying Professorship in Materials Chemistry.

During Yanli’s stays at UCLA and NU, he made solid contributions to the areas of (i) bistable rotaxane-based organogels, (ii) catenane-incorporated metal-organic frameworks, and (iii) mechanized nanoparticles. At NTU, his group conducts research in interdisciplinary areas of chemistry and materials with an emphasis on the development of integrated systems for cancer theranostics and sustainable catalysis. His group develops supramolecular strategies in the preparations of responsive nanosystems for achieving the desired performance.

Congratulations Yanli!

Pictured below – Yanli Zhao with Fraser alongside the NTU logo: