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Liang Feng is the 2021 Texas A&M Distinguished Dissertation Award Runner-Up

Postdoctoral Fellow Liang Feng has been selected to receive the runner-up’s prize associated with 2021 Texas A&M Distinguished Dissertation Award! The Texas A&M Graduate and Professional School recognizes annually dissertations that have made a significant, impactful contribution to their discipline. Nominations for Texas A&M Distinguished Dissertation Awards were submitted by dissertation advisors and committee members. Submissions are reviewed by a panel of 10 faculty members and administrators, who select a winner and a runner-up from each of four academic categories: Biological and Life Sciences; Humanities and Fine Arts; Mathematics, Physical Science, and Engineering; and Social Sciences. The achievement is recognized with a $1,000 prize for the winner and $100 prize for the runner-up as well as a certificate of recognition.

Liang’s dissertation was named as the runner-up Award under Mathematics, Physical Science, and Engineering. His groundbreaking dissertation entitled Engineering Hierarchy in Metal-Organic Frameworks impressed the panel among a pool of qualified applicants, according to Dr George. Cunningham, the Associate Dean of Texas A&M Graduate and Professional School. During his PhD, Liang developed several general synthetic strategies, including linker thermolysis, reinstallation and migration, modular synthesis, and programming, in a quest to engineer and visualize hierarchical porosity, distribution, and composition in multicomponent metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). In addition to this Distinguished Dissertation Award, Liang also earned Texas A&M AFS Distinguished Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Research last year, one of Texas A&M’s highest levels of recognition for students’ extraordinary accomplishments in research.

Congratulations twice over, Liang!

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