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Liang Feng Selected as the Runner-Up for the 2021 Metrohm USA Young Chemist Award

Postdoctoral Fellow Liang Feng has been selected to receive the runner-up’s prize associated with 2021 Metrohm USA Young Chemist Award! Metrohm USA has presented this esteemed award for the past eight years and continues to reward outstanding research performed by the brightest of minds throughout the United States and Canada. The award recognizes young chemists who demonstrate novel research or a novel methodology in analytical chemistry, particularly using titration calorimetry, ion chromatography, electrochemistry and/or spectroscopy. The achievement is recognized with a $10,000 prize for the winner and $2,000 prize for the runner-up as well as opportunities to present research to a global audience at PITTCON 2021 this March!

Metrohm is owned by the non-profit Metrohm Foundation which maintains its long-standing commitment to the advancement of philanthropy and science. The Young Chemist Award and associated events recognize the contribution the award winners whose work is improving the human condition.

Liang’s groundbreaking research on the synthesis and characterization of framework materials with high precision at atomic and molecular levels impressed the panel among a pool of qualified applicants, according to the Director of Brand and Communications / Metrohm USA, Katharina Palmer. Liang has developed several general synthetic and characterization strategies, including linker thermolysis, reinstallation and migration, modular synthesis, and programming, in a quest to engineer and visualize hierarchical porosity, distribution and composition in multicomponent metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). Congratulations Liang!

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