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Northwestern Sings the Praises of Yu Wang’s Recent Research Published in Nature Communications

Postdoctoral fellow Yu Wang′s article entitled Two-photon excited deep-red and near-infrared emissive organic co-crystals has appeared in Nature Communications. The work has been featured in Northwestern Now and IIN Newsletter.

Northwestern Now and the IIN Newsletter highlight a low-cost and convenient supramolecular strategy for designing two-photon excited deep-red and near-infrared emissive crystalline materials. By taking advantage of the charge transfer interactions between donor and acceptor molecules, two co-crystals with different donor-acceptor ratios were obtained. These two co-crystals assume distinct solid-state superstructures, crystal morphologies and optical properties. One of them constitutes a unique material that exhibits two-photon absorption and near-infrared emission simultaneously. This research provides an incentive to design more advanced multi-photon absorption and near-infrared emissive materials.

Pictured below – Graphical representations of the co-crystals alongside the article’s first author Yu Wang: