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Postdoc Qinghui Guo Lands Two JACS Covers in the Same Issue

Stoddart Group Postdoctoral Fellow Qinghui Guo has published three JACS papers in the month of February, two of which were selected as a front cover and a supplementary cover in JACS Issue 13.

The front cover tells the story of the synthesis of zigzag belt[8]arenes. As one of the first authors, Qinghui finished the most challenging part of this high-level publication at Tsinghua University and constructed the octahydrobelt[8]arenes by stitching up all four fjords of resorcin[4]arenes through multiple intramolecular Friedel-Crafts alkylations in a straightforward way prior to joining the Stoddart group in 2017.

The supplementary cover describes a strategy of preparing polyelectrolyte single crystals from a tricationic monomer by an ultraviolet-induced topochemical polymerization. Qinghui elucidated the structure of the polycationic polymer at the molecular level and the mechanism of proton conductivity in the highly ordered polymeric structure in a collaboration with 20 co-authors.

Congratulations Qinghui!

JACS Front Cover:


















JACS Supplementary Cover: