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Year-End Review of Stoddart Publication Citations Reveals Impressive Numbers

A year-end update of the Stoddart group’s publication citations reveal significant milestones and impressive statistics. Referencing the Web of Science to update 1,173 publications authored by the Stoddart group showed one publication had surpassed 2,000 citations. As of December 2019, Artificial Molecular Machines, co-authored with Vincenzo Balzani, Alberto Credi and Françisco Raymo in Angewandte Chemie in 2000, has been cited 2,070 times (and counting!). The group also has 7 publications cited over 1,000 times, 14 cited over 750 times, 23 cited over 500 times, 66 cited over 250 times, 204 cited over 100 times, and 450 cited over 50 times. These impressive statistics demonstrate the impact Fraser and his co-authors have had and continue to have on the scientific community. We look forward to seeing what the statistics reveal next year!

Pictured below – Infographic displaying Stoddart Group publication citations since December 2019: