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Noble Panacea Launches with Thoughtfully Beautiful Gala at the Met

Fraser Stoddart, along with the Noble Panacea team, gathered with a bevy of artists, skin-care specialists, and supermodels at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Tuesday, October 22nd for the launch of their brand new line of skin-care products. Noble Panacea is launching two lines of skin-care products – the Absolute and the Brilliant, both of which incorporate Organic Molecular Vessel (OMV) technology created in the Stoddart laboratory at Northwestern University. Fraser reflected on the discovery and subsequent creation of the skin-care line as a serendipitous yet thoughtful process: “A decade ago my team and I were not thinking specifically of discovering technology with skin-care applications”. Fraser continued, “but inventing things with the goal of having a positive impact on people was always my intention.” The gala included guests such as model Helena Christensen, art star Chloe Wise, and lifestyle entrepreneur Julia Restoin Roitfield among others.

Pictured below – Fraser Stoddart at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York