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Fraser Presents Public and Research Lectures at ICI Distinguished Speaker Series in Calgary

Fraser Stoddart was the 2019 invited speaker at the prestigious ICI Distinguished Speaker Series held at the University of Calgary on September 24 – 28. Fraser presented three Public and Research Lectures over the course of three days to diverse audiences and participated in Q & A sessions with graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the University of Calgary Department of Chemistry. Made possible through an endowment established in the mid 1970’s by ICI Canada Inc. in association with the Department of Chemistry at the University of Calgary, the ICI Distinguished Speaker Series has a storied history dating back to 1978 when Kurt Mislow, a pioneer of stereochemistry, was the first invited speaker. Since then many notable scientists, including Nobel Laureates Ben Feringa, Robert Grubbs, Jean-Marie Lehn, and William Lipscomb have presented at this prestigious event and Fraser is deeply honored to join their company.