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Stoddart Postdoc Indranil Roy Lands the Cover of JACS

Indranil Roy, a postdoctoral fellow in the Stoddart Group, has landed a supplemental cover in the upcoming issue of the Journal of the American Chemical Society with his article titled A Supramolecular Approach for Modulated Photoprotection, Lysosomal Delivery, and Photodynamic Activity of a Photosensitizer. Indra’s research focuses on different aspects of nanotechnology, including molecular machines, to achieve medical benefits with molecular-level precision. 
In this particular work, Indra and the team have demonstrated the ability of a multifunctional synthetic receptor for photoprotection, efficient cellular delivery, and pH-responsive release of a photosensitizer drug, which facilitates their use in anticancer therapy. This approach could be useful in supramolecular medicine for developing new pharmaceutical formulations for photosensitive medicines and regulating their therapeutic activity. Congratulations Indra!