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Publications from 2019

Discrete dimers of redox-active and fluorescent perylene diimide-based rigid isosceles triangles in the solid state, (S. K. M. Nalluri, J. Zhou, T. Cheng, Z. Liu, M. T. Nguyen, T. Chen, H. A. Patel, M. D. Krzyaniak, W. A. Goddard III, M. R. Wasielewski, J. F. Stoddart), J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2019, 141, 1290–1303.
Concepts in the design and engineering of single-molecule electronic devices, (N.Xiu, J. Guan, C. Zhou, X. Chen, C. Gu, Y. Li, M. A. Ratner, A. Nitzan, J. F. Stoddart, X. Guo), Nat. Rev. Phys. 2019, 1, 211–230.
The burgeoning of mechanically interlocked molecules in chemistry, (D. Sluysmans, J. F. Stoddart), Trends in Chemistry 2019, 1, 185–197.