Advances in Molecular Electronics

This cartoon animation produced by Dr Dengke Shen summarizes the advances in Molecular Electronics that were made at UCLA in a fruitful,  satisfying, and enjoyable collaboration with Jim Heath that lasted from 1999 all the way through to 2007. During this nine-year period we went – starting with a bistable [2]catenane and ending up with a series of bistable [2]rotaxanesv that got better and better – from one molecular switch tunnel junction (MSTJ) containing circa 7000 molecules to a 400 x 400 crossbar device with each MSTJ incorporating around 200 molecules.  The bistable mechanically interlocked molecules, which were introduced into the devices using the Langmuir-Blodgett technique, ended up producing a 160 kbit molecular memory.  It was a remarkable achievement by graduate students and postdoctoral researchers working closely in harmony between the two research groups.