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Nanoscale Borromean Links

Nanoscale Borromean Links - The nontrivial link known as the Borromean rings has long been a source of endless fascination among artists, theologians, mathematicians, and scientists. The molecular construction of the Borromean Ring (BR) topology represents a formidable synthetic challenge as they consist of three mutually interlocked, yet noncatenated more...

Pretzelanes Go Nano

Through its exploitation of noncovalent bonding interactions and self-assembly processes, supramolecular assistance to covalent synthesis has established itself as an efficient means of creating molecules with nanoscale dimensions. For two decades, researchers have harnessed the power of post-assembly covalent modification to produce an array more...



Template-Directed Synthesis

Cartoon representations of borromean & suitane topologies


SEM image of nanowire crossbars fabricated bye-beam lithography

Molecular Machines

Bending & stretching microcantilever beams


Solubilization of carbon nanotubes in water and organic media


Nanovalves: On demand switchable bistable systems



Nanoscale Borromean Links

Pretzelanes Go Nano

Producing Dendritic Nanostructures using Dynamic Chemistry

Multivalent Carbohydrate-Protein Interactions Through Self-Assembly

Nanoelectronics: From Solutions to Devices

The Next Generation of Switchable Rotaxanes for Nanoelectronics

Operating Nanoelevators

Linear Artificial Molecular Muscles for Mechanical Nanoactivation

Operational Nanovalves

Powering a Supramolecular Machine with a Nanoscale Power Supply


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