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15 Aug 2007

Mid-West Call - With Fraser's acceptance on 15 August 2007 of an invitation to join the Northwestern University (NU) faculty as a Board of Trustees Professor of Chemistry, the Stoddart group is planning its phased move to Evanston, starting with the first scout (Travis Gasa) arriving in the Department of Chemistry at NU on 10 September 2007. He will be followed by a group of pioneers in early October. They will prepare the newly refurbished research laboratories and office space for the final stage of the move over the holiday period at the end of the year. Around 20 group members are moving to NU, leaving around 10 at UCLA to complete their time in the group by September 2008 at the latest.

The Northwestern University press release can be found here. Read all about it ! Sample what the Chicago newspapers have to say on the subject – Chicago Sun Times / Chicago Tribune


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