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06 Jun 2007

The Young(-ish!) Giants of Chemistry - To celebrate Fraser's 65th Birthday in 2007, David Leigh, the Forbes Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh, with help from Stuart Cantrill, Amar Flood, Wayne Hayes, Douglas Philp, Jon Preece, Stuart Rowan, and Alison Stoddart, held a special – and fun – symposium in the School of Chemistry at Edinburgh University where Fraser obtained his BSc (1964) and PhD (1966) Degrees. The symposium began late afternoon on Wednesday 6 June and ran through to the Saturday evening of 9 June 2007. In keeping with Fraser's wishes, the plenary lecturers, who included Takuzo Aida, Harry Anderson, Geert-Jan Boons, Neil Branda, Alberto Credi, Makoto Fujita, Miguel Garcia-Garibay, Craig Hawker, Jim Heath, Chris Hunter, Takashi Kato, Steven Loeb, Chad Mirkin, Tim Swager, Karen Wooley and Omar Yaghi, were chosen from people who are leading and shaping the course of science but are at least a generation younger than him! Numerous past members of the Stoddart group gave short talks and there were poster sessions for the present (post)graduate students. Fraser hosted a dinner for all the speakers and some special guests on the Thursday evening at Edinburgh Castle and for everyone attending the symposium on the Friday evening in the Playfair Library in the Old College of the University of Edinburgh.

The website to the event (created by Stuart Cantrill) can be found here.

An article in Chemistry World by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) relating to the event can be found here.

Photos from the event can be found here!


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