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10 Jan 2007

Solomon Knots are Everywhere - The Solomon's Knot is carved, sculpted, stitched, crocheted, knitted, inlaid, and beaded in cultural relics from Europe, the Middle East and elsewhere, according to Lois Rose Rose, author of "Seeing Solomon's Knot" and a UCLA graduate. It is found in numerous buildings on the UCLA campus, including floor tiles and on the wooden ceilings inside UCLA's Powell Library. They can also be located on the outside architecture of UCLA's Haine's Hall and Moore Hall. Now, final-year graduate student, Cari Pentecost, has made molecular rings in the shape of King Solomon's Knot. For more information, see Angewandte Chemie International Edition (2007, 46, 218) and the UCLA News Report dated 10 January 2007.


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