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18 Apr 2006

No Beer for Weegie Winner - Douglas Philp (Sheffield 1989/91 & Birmingham 1991/93), Reader in Chemistry at the University of St. Andrews is the recipient of the Saltire Society Scottish Award 2005 sponsored by Scottish & Newscastle. The award (founded in 1989) is presented annually to a distinguished scientist in mid-career who has lived and worked continuously in Scotland for not less than five years, or is of Scottish descent. The Saltire Society seeks to recognize those who are making major contributions to science and who are able to communicate their scientific results to the wider public. Douglas will give a public lecture entitled "From Grey Goo to the Greater Good: Harnessing Replication for Nanoscale Manufacturing" at the Royal Society of Edinburgh on Tuesday 18 April 2006. He will receive a medallion, a certificate, a small monetary prize but no beer. Congratulations Douglas !


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