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12 Jan 2015

Alyssa's Experience GROWs to International Heights! - Master proposal writer Alyssa–Jennifer Avestro (5th year graduate student) has done it again! This time, Alyssa has landed not one, but TWO, highly coveted international awards—the NSF GROW Fellowship and the SERI Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship—to pursue independently proposed research at the University of Geneva in Switzerland, hosted by the Matile group. There she plans to investigate the anion transport properties of rigid π–acidic nanopores through lipid bilayer membranes as well as develop new bimodal receptors for π–surface activated organocatalysis. Alyssa will return to Northwestern University at the end of eight months in August 2015 to defend her thesis. We can only expect that she will continue to climb the international ladder to new heights. Well done (times two), Alyssa!


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