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11 Feb 2013

Stable Organic Radicals Make Their Way into Science - Putting the little "Blue Box" [cyclobis(paraquat–p–phenylene)] to work in a radically new light has led to the discovery of a new class of stable organic radicals, which is described in the January 25, 2013 issue of Science. The interlocking of two Blue Box rings and the subsequent characterization was achieved by a team of Stoddart researchers in collaboration with fellow NU Professors Michael Wasielewski and John Ketterson, and Dr. Raanan Carmieli. The international effort also included Professors William Goddard III at CalTech, Alexandra Slawin at St. Andrews University, and Jang Wook Choi at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), and Youssry Botros at Intel and the King Abdulaziz City of Science and Technology (KACST). This homo[2]catenane can accept up to eight electrons in total and exhibits bulk paramagnetism in the solid state as a result of four closely stacked bipyridinium units and the stable unpaired electron, respectively. These properties may one day make this six-state compound useful in molecular electronic applications related to energy and data storage


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