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14 Apr 2010

Its Like Magic! - In a follow-up communication to their 2009 Angewandte Chemie which describes the synthesis of side-chain poly[2]catenanes under kinetic control using click chemistry, the group has now coaxed side-chain poly[2]catenanes to drive their own formation under thermodynamic control along the polymer side-chains proceeded quantitatively, aided and abetted by the positive cooperativity of both intra- and interside-chain [ΠΠ] stacking interactions of contiguous catenanes. This process, after all is said and done, results in an overall contraction and a change in the self-organization of the polycatenane aggregates in solution. This route to side-chain polycatenanes, in the fullness of time, can perhaps be further exploited to obtain numerous other synthetically challenging mechanically interlocked polymeric networks and scaffolds, including polycatenanes of the bridged as well as the more elusive, main-chain variety.


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