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18 May 2015

Pumped Up Molecules

Using nature's carrier proteins for inspiration, a team of Northwestern University scientists is the first to develop an entirely artificial molecular pump. An article published in Nature more...

22 Apr 2015

Exposing Knock–Offs with Heterorotaxane-Based Security Inks

The dynamic nature of a heterorotaxane with tunable solid–state fluorescent emissions can be enabled through reversible manipulation of its aggregation by supramolecular encapsulation. When this integrated system is introduced more...

21 Feb 2014

Textbook Chemistry in Nature Chemistry

A simple abiotic model illustrating the fundamental way in which enzymes catalyze reactions in living systems is the result of a collaboration with Jay Siegel at more...

21 Jul 2013

Gold Recovery Goes Green

An environmentally benign sugar — alpha–cyclodextrin, which is derived from starch — acts as a highly selective sequestering agent for the gold salt, potassium tetrabromoaurate. The serendipitous discovery of this green method more...

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16 Nov 2015

Early Career Prize Draws Alyssa Across the Pond

Alyssa–Jennifer Avestro (2010—2015) has been selected by Her Majesty's Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 to commence her independent academic career as an 1851 Research Fellow in the Department of Chemistry at Durham University, which was recently ranked as the UK's top Chemistry Department for Research Impact (REF2014). This three–year early more...


08 Oct 2015

Xisen Set to Present Security Inks at Inventors Competition

Fourth Year Graduate Student Xisen Hou has been selected as a Graduate Finalist in the 2015 Collegiate Inventors Competition for her work on the invention of molecularly encrypted fluorescent security inks. She is one of seven teams taking part in this year's competition. Xisen has been invited to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in Alexandria, Virginia on November 17, 2015 to present her invention to a panel of final round judges comprised of influential invention experts more...


02 Oct 2015

"Genius Grant" for Will Dichtel

Will Dichtel (2005—2008) is one of 24 people selected as a 2015 Fellow of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. For more information, see the short video on the MacArthur website and the article in the New York Times on 29 September 2015. A fantastic achievement Will! We are very proud of you and your group's achievements.


14 Sep 2015

Xisen Lands a Prestigious Industrial Fellowship

Fourth Year Graduate Student Xisen Hou has been selected to be the recepient of the 2015—2017 Air Products & Chemicals Inc (APCI) Graduate Fellowship. The fellowship sponsored by APCI recognizes only one PhD student in either Chemistry or Materials Science every year by providing research funds in addition to a stipend as well as the opportunity to spend a three–month internship at the APCI Headquarters in Allentown PA. Congratulations Xisen!




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» Xisen Set to Present Security Inks at Inventors Competition

» "Genius Grant" for Will Dichtel

» Xisen Lands a Prestigious Industrial Fellowship

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