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18 May 2015

Pumped Up Molecules

Using nature's carrier proteins for inspiration, a team of Northwestern University scientists is the first to develop an entirely artificial molecular pump. An article published in Nature more...

22 Apr 2015

Exposing Knock–Offs with Heterorotaxane-Based Security Inks

The dynamic nature of a heterorotaxane with tunable solid–state fluorescent emissions can be enabled through reversible manipulation of its aggregation by supramolecular encapsulation. When this integrated system is introduced more...

21 Feb 2014

Textbook Chemistry in Nature Chemistry

A simple abiotic model illustrating the fundamental way in which enzymes catalyze reactions in living systems is the result of a collaboration with Jay Siegel at more...

21 Jul 2013

Gold Recovery Goes Green

An environmentally benign sugar — alpha–cyclodextrin, which is derived from starch — acts as a highly selective sequestering agent for the gold salt, potassium tetrabromoaurate. The serendipitous discovery of this green method more...

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17 Nov 2016

Fraser Shares the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Sauvage and Feringa

For more information go to the Nobel Foundation website.


25 Jul 2016

Leah lands Assistant Professor position at Macalester

Leah Witus, former postdoctoral fellow in the Group, will begin a tenure–track career as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Macalester College in September 2016. Macalester is a research–intensive liberal arts college in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Leah has been at teaching at Macalester since the fall of 2015, when she moved there from NU along with former Group member Dennis Cao (2010—2014). Leah's more...


08 Jun 2016

From Supramolecular Chemistry to Processors

Edward Dale (2012—2016) is starting a career at Intel where he will be making the leap from studying supramolecular systems to engineering processors at Hillsboro, Oregon. Edward is the latest of a string — which includes Alex Shveyd, Subhadeep Basu and Nathan Strutt — of ex–group members to embark on this journey to Intel. Good luck Edward!


02 Jun 2016

Sourav Moves On and Up

Dr. Sourav Saha (2003—2007), presently an Assistant Professor at Florida State University (FSU), will be joining Clemson University as an Associate Professor of Chemistry in August 2016. Sourav's research program lies at the interface of organic, supramolecular and materials chemistry and focuses on developing stimuli–responsive materials that can function as novel anion receptors and sensors, tunable semiconductors, light–harvesting and emitting agents, and drug-delivery systems. In addition to having published a dozen independent more...




» Fraser Shares the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Sauvage and Feringa

» Leah lands Assistant Professor position at Macalester

» From Supramolecular Chemistry to Processors

» Sourav Moves On and Up

» Foresight Honors Chuyang Cheng


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