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21 Feb 2014

Textbook Chemistry in Nature Chemistry

A simple abiotic model illustrating the fundamental way in which enzymes catalyze reactions in living systems is the result of a collaboration with Jay Siegel at more...

21 Jul 2013

Gold Recovery Goes Green

An environmentally benign sugar — alpha–cyclodextrin, which is derived from starch — acts as a highly selective sequestering agent for the gold salt, potassium tetrabromoaurate. The serendipitous discovery of this green method more...

25 Jan 2013

Science in Highly–Charged Stable Organic Radicals

The discovery of a new class of stable organic radicals, which can accept up to eight electrons and can be switched between diamagnetic and paramagnetic states, is the outcome of a multidisciplinary effort from Northwestern, more...

09 Jan 2013

ExBox Wraps Up Pollutants

In the article published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society on 9 January 2013, and highlighted on the cover more...

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12 Jan 2015

Alyssa's Experience GROWs to International Heights!

Master proposal writer Alyssa–Jennifer Avestro (5th year graduate student) has done it again! This time, Alyssa has landed not one, but TWO, highly coveted international awards—the NSF GROW Fellowship and the SERI Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship—to pursue independently proposed research at the University of Geneva in Switzerland, hosted by the Matile more...


05 Jan 2015

Paul Eyes Top UK Chemistry Department for Research Impact

Paul McGonigal (2012–2015) will be leaving the Group in the Spring of 2015 to launch his independent academic career as a Lecturer (= Assistant Professor) in the Chemistry Department of the University of Durham, which was recently ranked as the UK's top Chemistry Department for Research Impact. During his time in the Group, Paul has been involved in numerous research projects, ranging from locating molecular more...


22 Dec 2014

James Holcroft Returns to Geordie Land

After a couple of years at NU, postdoctoral fellow James Holcroft (2013–2014) has returned to the University of Newcastle in the UK to take up a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Fellowship in the Wolfson Northern Carbon Reduction Laboratories in the School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials. During his time in the group James was a major intellectual and practical force in the development of CD–MOFs in separation science. Congratulations more...


05 Sep 2014

Yilei Wu Nets a Ryan Fellowship

Second–year graduate student Yilei Wu has been selected to receive a prestigious Ryan Fellowship. This fellowship is made possible through the donations of Patrick G. and Shirley W. Ryan, and provide students at Northwestern University from a variety of fields with the education and experience to assume leadership roles in academia and industry in the realm of nano–science and technology. Congratulations Yilei!




» Alyssa's Experience GROWs to International Heights!

» Paul Eyes Top UK Chemistry Department for Research Impact

» James Holcroft Returns to Geordie Land

» Yilei Wu Nets a Ryan Fellowship

» Edward Dale Lands Ryan Fellowship


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