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Margaret E. Schott

Research Associate

Hometown: Fanwood, NJ

Joined group: 2008


BS in Chemistry - College of William & Mary (1977)
PhD in Organic Chemistry - Northwestern University (1982)
MA in Theology - Aquinas Institute (2002)


(1) Comparison of linear and branched peptide forms (MAPs) in the induction of T-helper responses to point-mutated ras immunogens (M.E. Schott, D.T. Wells, J. Schlom, S.I. Abrams) Cellular Immunology 1996, 174, 199209. (2) Biologic properties of chimeric domain-deleted anticarcinoma immunoglobulins (D.C. Slavin-Chiorini, S.V.S. Kashmiri, J. Schlom, B. Calvo, L.M. Shu, M.E. Schott, D.E. Milenic, P. Snoy, J. Carrasquillo, K. Anderson, P.H. Hand) Cancer Research 1995, 55, S5957S5967. (3) Preparation, characterization, and in vivo biodistribution properties of synthetically cross-linked multivalent antitumor antibody fragments (M.E. Schott, K.A. Frazier, D.K. Pollock, K.M. Verbanac) Bioconjugate Chemistry 1993, 4, 153156. (4) An improved linker for single-chain Fv with reduced aggregation and enhanced proteolytic stability (M. Whitlow, B.A. Bell, S.L. Feng, D. Filpula, K.D. Hardman, S.L. Hubert, M.L. Rollence, J.F. Wood, M.E. Schott, D.E. Milenic, T. Yokota, J. Schlom) Protein Engineering 1993, 6, 989995.


My background includes time spent in biomedical research at Dow Chemical in Midland (MI), the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda (MD), and the Lombardi Cancer Center at Georgetown University in Washington (DC). Mainly I worked on oligonucleotide synthesis (before automation!), peptide vaccines, and monoclonal antibody radioisotope conjugates for tumor targeting. Two U.S. Patents were issued as a result of this work. I have also taught general and organic chemistry to undergraduates at Dominican University in River Forest (IL) and to adult students at the College of DuPage (IL). In 2008 I joined the Stoddart research group as Fraser's personal assistant. It's a great job because I get to assist Fraser in the office with preparing and editing manuscripts, submitting grant proposals and hosting visiting scientists, as well as managing the day to day operations of the lab, attending group meetings and interacting with our wonderful group members. Away from campus I enjoy playing viola in the local symphony orchestra, baking, reading, swimming, woods-walking and eating out with friends.


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