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Chris M. Gothard

Postdoctoral Fellow

Hometown: Irvine, CA

Joined group: 2008

Left group: 2010


Ph.D.Chemistry, University of California, Irvine, CA (2007) B.S. Chemistry, University of California, Irvine, CA (2001) B.S. Biology, University of California, Davis, CA (1992)


1. Chris M. Gothard and James S. Nowick. “Nanometer-Scale Water-Soluble Macrocycles from Nanometer-Sized Amino Acids,” J. Org. Chem. ASAP, 2009.
*To be featured on journal cover on March 19, 2010 (issue #6)

2. Chris M. Gothard, Nosheen A. Rao, and James S. Nowick. “Nanometer-Sized Amino Acids for the Synthesis of Nanometer-Scale Water-Soluble Molecular Rods of Precise Length” J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2007, 129, 7272–7273.

3. Sang-Woo Kang, Chris M. Gothard, Santanu Maitra, Atia-Tul-Wahab, and James S. Nowick “A New Class of Macrocyclic Receptors from iota-Peptides.” J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2007, 129, 1486–1487.

4. Chris M. Gothard*, Daniel Ferris*, Rolando Yames*, John-Carl Olsen, J. Fraser Stoddart, Fuyuhiko Tamanoi, Jeffery I. Zink, “RGD Peptide-Coated Mechanized Nanoparticles that Target Cancer Cells,” Manuscript in Preparation, 2010. *These authors contributed equally to this work.

5. Chris M. Gothard, Carson J. Bruns, Nosheen A. Rao, and J. Fraser Stoddart. “Synthesis and Characterization of a New Class of Rotaxanes ,” Manuscript in Preparation, 2010.

6. Cheng Wang, Mark A. Olson, Lei Fang, Chris M. Gothard, Douglas C. Friedman, Subhadeep Basu, Sanjeev K. Dey, Deqing Zhang, Daoben Zhu, and J. Fraser Stoddart “A Redox and Solvent-Induced Switchable Bistable [2]Catenane,” Manuscript in Preparation for submission to J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2010.

7. Nowick, J. S.; Gothard, C. M.; Kang, S.-W.; Maitra, S. “Nanometer-Scale Amino Acids for Biomolecular Nanotechnology In Understanding Biology Using Peptides,” Proceedings of the 19th American Peptide Symposium; Blondelle, S. E.; Ed.; American Peptide Society: San Diego, CA, 2006.

8. Nowick, J. S.; Lam, K. S.; Gothard, C. M.; Huon, J. K.; Kemnitzer, W. E.; Khasanova, T.; Kim, H. W.; Liu, R.; Maitra, S.; Mee, H. T.; Stigers, K. D. “Designed Amino Acids that Induce -Sheet Folding and -Sheet Interactions in Peptides,” In Peptides, The Wave of the Future, Proceedings of the 2nd International / 17th American Peptide Symposium; Lebl, M.; Houghten R.H.; Eds.; American Peptide Society: San Diego, CA, 2002; 572–574.


I am a joint member of the Grzybowski group (Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering) and the Stoddart group (Department of Chemistry). I began my career in industry in 1993 by working in the chemical manufacturing and pharmaceutical fields. In 1999, I returned to academia to pursue my bachelors (2001) and doctoral (2007) degree in organic chemistry. I am interested in the design and synthesis of nanometer-sized macromolecules that are inspired by biological systems. This ground up approach may help bridge the gap between biology and nanotechnology.


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