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Megan M. Boyle

Graduate Student

Hometown: United States

Joined group: 2007

Left group: 2012


Saint Mary's College (2003-2007) B.S. Chemistry and Mathematics


M. M. Boyle, R. A. Smaldone, A. C. Whalley, M. W. Ambrogio, Y. Y. Botros, J. F. Stoddart, “Mechanized Materials,” Chem. Sci., 2011, 2, 204–210. One of the Top 10 Most Accessed Articles in December 2010.


I grew up in Indianapolis, IN and migrated slightly north for college in Notre Dame, IN. I majored in Math and Chemistry at Saint Mary's College. My research at Saint Mary's included a study of the topology of interlocked molecules. This sparked my interest in the Stoddart group. I spent my summers in college researching under SonBinh Nguyen here at Northwestern. I synthesized block copolymers using Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization in order to form polymer nanoparticles for DNA detection. I started as a first year grad student at Northwestern in the fall of 2007. In the Stoddart group, I have focused on the development and synthesis of a new macrocylic host and a self-complexing [1]rotaxane (Figure-of-Eight). The project investigated the synthesis of a variety of functionalized cyclobis(paraquat-p-phenylene) derivatives and a study of host-guest interactions. Molecular architectures incorporating a selection of the hosts were explored using a wide variety of synthetic techniques and characterization techniques. Currently, I am working to incorporate this host into various bridged polymers.


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