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Jason M. Belitsky

Postdoctoral Fellow

Hometown: United States

Joined group: 2002

Left group: 2005


B.A. (1997) Amherst College; Amherst, Massachusetts. Worked on catalytic antibodies with David Hansen.

Ph.D. (2002) Caltech; Pasadena, California. Worked on DNA-binding polyamides with Peter Dervan.

NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship (2002-2005), UCLA; Los Angeles, California. Worked on carbohydrate-displaying pseudopolyrotaxanes (among other things) with J. Fraser Stoddart.


Nelson, A.; Belitsky, J.M.; Vidal, S.; Joiner, C.S.; Baum, L.G.; Stoddart, J.F. “A Self-Assembled Multivalent Pseudopolyrotaxane For Binding Galectin-1” Journal of the American Chemical Society 2004, 126, 11914-11922.

Belitsky, J.M.; Nelson., A.; Stoddart, J.F. “Monitoring cyclodextrin-polyviologen pseudopolyrotaxanes with the Bradford assay” Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 2006, 4, 250-256.

Belitsky, J.M.; Stoddart, J.F. “Targeting Galectin-1 with Self-Assembled Multivalent Pseudopolyrotaxanes” Frontiers in Carbohydrate Chemistry, ACS Symposium series, Demchenko, A., ed., 2007, 960, 356-374.


Thanks for everything Fraser!

Currently I'm an assistant professor at Oberlin College, a liberal arts school in Ohio. I'm still working on molecular recognition, self-assembly, and unusual nano-structures, but now in the context of melanin, the human pigment.


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