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Matthew CT. Fyfe

Postdoctoral Fellow

Hometown: United Kingdom

Joined group: 1995

Left group: 1999


Postdoctoral diploma: Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA (June 1999); PhD: School of Chemistry, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK (December 1997); MA: Department of Chemistry, Columbia University, New York, USA (May 1994); BSc with First Class Honours: Department of Chemistry, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK (June 1992)


Fyfe, M. C. T.; White, J. R.; Taylor, A.; Chatfield, R.; Wargent, E.; Printz, R. L.; Sulpice, T.; McCormack, J. G.; Procter, M. J.; Reynet, C.; Widdowson, P. S.; Wong-Kai-In, P., “Glucokinase activator PSN-GK1 displays enhanced antihyperglycaemic and insulinotropic actions”, Diabetologia 2007, 50, 1277–1287. Briner, P. H.; Fyfe, M. C. T.; Martin, P.; Murray, P. J.; Naud, F.; Procter, M. J., “Practical synthesis of 2-amino-5-fluorothiazole hydrochloride”, Org. Process Res. Dev. 2006, 10, 346–348. Overton, H. A.; Babbs, A. J.; Doel, S. M.; Fyfe, M. C. T.; Gardner, L. S.; Griffin, G.; Jackson, H. C.; Procter, M. J.; Rasamison, C. M.; Tang-Christensen, M.; Widdowson, P. S.; Williams, G. M.; Reynet, C., “Deorphanization of a G protein-coupled receptor for oleoylethanolamide and its use in the discovery of small molecule hypophagic agents”, Cell Metab. 2006, 3, 167–175. Castelhano, A. L.; Dong, H.; Fyfe, M. C. T.; Gardner, L. S.; Kamikozawa, Y.; Kurabayashi, S.; Nawano, M.; Ohashi, R.; Procter, M. J.; Qiu, L.; Rasamison, C. M.; Schofield, K. L.; Shah, V. K.; Ueta, K.; Williams, G. M.; Witter, D.; Yasuda, K., “Glucokinase-activating ureas”, Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 2005, 15, 1501–1504.


Currently Director in Medicinal Chemistry at (OSI) Prosidion, an Oxford-based company specializing in diabetes and obesity drug discovery and development.


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