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Hasmukh A. Patel

Postdoctoral Fellow

Hometown: Gujarat, India

Joined group: 2015

Left group: 2017


Ph.D., Chemistry (2009) CSIR-Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute and Bhavnagar University, India
M.Sc., Materials Science (2002) Sardar Patel University, India
B.Sc., Chemistry (2002) Sardar Patel University, India


Selected Publication (10 of 48)
Citations: 1865; h-index: 20 Google Scholar
[1]. H.A. Patel, T. Islamoglu, Z. Liu, S.K.M. Nalluri, A. Samanta, O. Anamimoghadam, C.D. Malliakas, O.K. Farha, J.F. Stoddart, Noninvasive Substitution of K+ Sites in Cyclodextrin Metal−Organic Frameworks by Li+ Ions, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 139, 11020−11023, 2017.
[2]. H.A. Patel, S.H. Je, J. Park, D.P. Chen, Y. Jung, C.T. Yavuz, A. Coskun, Unprecedented high-temperature CO2 selectivity in N2-phobic nanoporous covalent organic polymers, Nature Communications, 4, 1357, 2013.
[3]. H.A. Patel, D.H. Ko, C.T. Yavuz, Nanoporous benzoxazole networks by silylated monomers, their exceptional thermal stability and carbon dioxide capture capacity, Chemistry of Materials, 26, 6729, 2014.
[4]. S. Gadipelli, H.A. Patel, Z. Guo, An Ultrahigh Pore Volume Drives Up the Amine Stability and Cyclic CO2 Capacity of a Solid‐Amine@Carbon Sorbent, Advanced Materials, 27, 4903, 2015.
[5].H.A. Patel, S.H. Je, J. Park, Y. Jung, C.T. Yavuz, A. Coskun, Directing the structural features of N2-phobic nanoporous covalent organic polymers for CO2 capture and separation, Chemistry-A European Journal, 20, 772, 2014.
[6]. H.A. Patel, C.T. Yavuz, Noninvasive functionalization of polymers of intrinsic microporosity for enhanced CO2 capture, Chemical Communications, 48, 9989, 2012.
[7]. H.A. Patel, N. Mansor, S. Gadipelli, D.J.L. Brett, Z. Guo, Superacidity in Nafion/MOF Hybrid Membranes Retains Water at Low Humidity to Enhance Proton Conduction for Fuel Cells, ACS Applied Materials Interfaces, 8, 30687, 2016.
[8]. H.A. Patel, F. Karadas, J. Byun, J. Park, E. Deniz, A. Canlier, Y. Jung, M. Atilhan, C.T. Yavuz, Highly stable nanoporous sulfur bridged covalent organic polymers for carbon dioxide removal, Advanced Functional Materials, 23, 2270, 2013.
[9]. H.A. Patel, F. Karadas, A. Canlier, J. Park, E. Deniz, Y. Jung, M. Atilhan, C.T. Yavuz, High capacity carbon dioxide adsorption by inexpensive covalent organic polymers, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 22, 8431, 2012.
[10]. H.A. Patel, J. Byun, C.T. Yavuz, Carbon Dioxide Capture Adsorbents: Chemistry and Methods, ChemSusChem, 10, 1303, 2017.


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