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Michael T. Otley

Postdoctoral Fellow

Hometown: Hartford

Joined group: 2015


Ph.D. Organic Chemistry (2015) University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT.
Advisor: Gregory A. Sotzing.
Thesis – "Design and Synthesis of Electrochromic and Highly Conductive Polymers for Flexible and Stretchable Electronics"

B.S. Chemistry and Biology (2009) University of Hartford, West Hartford, CT.
Advisors: James C. Shattuck and Aime Levesque


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During my graduate studies in the Sotzing Group (2011–2015), I focused on developing the next-generation of organic electronics using conductive polymers. My most notable graduate accomplishment was the discovery of a high-throughput color tuning system for electrochromic polymers that won the Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research Award in March 2015. In addition, I created a dual–polymer approach to generate neutral colored (black) electrochromic polymers for active sunglass applications, and several all-organic wearable electronic devices including a cardiorespiratory sensor.

Currently, I am still working with organic electronics but I now use macrocycles instead of polymers in the Stoddart Group. I am developing a self-assembly system of redox-active macrocycles to form 'nanotubes' for membrane applications, and I also work on energy storage by using redox-active macrocycles for organic rechargeable batteries.

In the rare event that I have some free time, I enjoy working on my car, motorsports, and traveling.


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