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Jie Han

Visiting Researcher

Hometown: Kaifeng

Joined group: 2013

Left group: 2015


1990-1994 B.S. Wuhan University 1994-1998 Teaching Assistant, Luoyang Normal University 1998-2003 Ph.D. Chengdu Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences 2004-2005 Research associate, The University of Hong Kong 2006-present, Associate professor in Organic Chemistry, Nankai University 2013-present, Visiting Scholar, Northwestern University


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"If you are a chemist in your mid-20s and have your mind set on an academic career, then the only worthwhile advice I have to offer is Whatever you do, tackle a ¡äbig problem¡ä in chemistry." This is what Fraser said in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2012, 51, 12902-12903. When I first read it, I was shaken deeply at once. Although I am 40 years old, I hope to do some important research in chemistry. I am very fortunate to join this great group. Here, Fraser did not give me a definite project to do, but he taught me how to find a ¡äbig problem¡ä in chemistry, this is the most important thing I learned from him, which will lead me to the right way to do research.


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