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Stoddart Mechanostereochemistry Group



Xirui Gong

Graduate Student

Hometown: China

Joined group: 2013


2012 BS Lanzhou University


I was born and raised in Lanzhou, an industrial city, which is usually described as a northwestern city. However, technically, Lanzhou is located in the center position of China. When I was a sophomore in 2009, I started my first research project on the efficiency of energy transfer in the LSPR system in the lab of Prof. Qiang Wang to. After that, I have been deeply attracted by the beauty of Chemistry and found that it is really full of fun to think about this world in a chemical view. Two years later, guided by the Prof. Wei Wang, I studied the design and synthesis of covalent organic frameworks. Right now, I joined the group of Prof. Stoddart as a PhD student. I am really excited to learn the stuffs about mechanically interlocked molecular architectures here.


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