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James M. Holcroft

Postdoctoral Fellow

Hometown: Durham

Joined group: 2013

Left group: 2015


DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY in Chemistry, Newcastle University, United Kingdom 2008 - 2012
Title: “Synthesis, Characterisation and Properties of Benzenepolycarboxylate Metal Organic Frameworks”
Principal Investigator: Professor William Clegg (Physical Inorganic) Newcastle, UK
Collaborations: Professor K Mark Thomas Wolfson Northern Carbon Reduction Laboratories, UK
MASTERS OF SCIENCE in Chemistry, York University, United Kingdom 2004 - 2008
Title: “Towards understanding of the insulin–insulin-like growth factors I: structural and functional relationships”
Research Project Advisor: Dr Marek Brzozowski (Biochemistry) York, UK


I was born and raised in Durham UK, spending large portions of my youth pursuing activities in the Yorkshire dales. I fell in love with the area and ended up at York University for my undergraduate studies in Chemistry, specialising in Biochemistry and protein crystallography. I further expanded my knowledge of supramolecular chemistry by joining Prof Bill Clegg's group at Newcastle University specialising in MOF synthesis and characterisation. It was here that I started to specialize in functional materials with collaborations with the Wolfson Northern Carbon Laboratories along with beam time at Diamond Light Source (I19), I was able to study materials from ground up approaches. After my PhD I decided that it was time to travel and moved to the Stoddart group in 2013 where I have been putting my experience in crystallography and materials chemistry into practice, developing functional systems for gas sorption and drug transport / delivery.
In my spare time away from the bench, I am a keen football (soccer) player and avid supporter of Newcastle United, whom I follow best I can from state side. I also enjoy drawing and have embraced the cityscape of Chicago as my new subject...along with the squirrels that have began to reside near my apartment.


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