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Yulong Sun

Visiting Researcher

Hometown: Fuxin China

Joined group: 2013

Left group: 2013


2007/09 - 2011/07 B.S. (Pharmaceutical Engineering) Harbin University of Science and technology
2011/04 - 2011/06 Predoctoral Fellow (Organic Chemistry) Jilin University
2011/08 - present M.S. (Origanic Chemistry) Jilin University
2011/08 - present PhD (Polymer Chemistry and Physics) Jilin University


1. Sun, Y.-L.; Yang, B.-J.; Zhang, S. X.-A.; Yang, Y.-W.* Cucurbit[7]uril Pseudorotaxane-Based Photoresponsive Supramolecular Nanovalve. Chem. Eur. J. 2012, 18, 9212-9216. (Featured as "inside cover" and highlighted as "Hot Topics in Mesoporous Materials in Wiley-VCH" and "Hot Topics in Drug Delivery in Wiley-VCH at Hot Topics Wiley-VCH.)

2. Sun, Y.-L.; Yang, Y.-W.*; Wu, W.*; Zhang, S. X.-A. Supramolecular Nanovalve Systems Based on Macrocyclic Synthetic Receptors. Chem. J. Chin. Univ. 2012, 33, 1635-1642. (Invited review)

3. Wang, A.; Gao, H.*; Sun, Y.; Sun, Y.-L.; Yang, Y.-W.; Wu, G.; Wang, Y.; Fan, Y.; Ma, J.* Temperature- and pH-Responsive Nanoparticles of Biocompatible Polyurethanes for Doxorubicin Delivery. Int. J. Pharm. 2013, 441, 30-39.

4. Li, H.; Chen, D.-X.; Sun, Y.-L.; Zheng, Y. B.; Tan, L.-L.; Weiss, P.*; Yang, Y.-W.* Viologen-Mediated Assembly of and Sensing with Carboxylatopillar[5]arene-Modified Au Nanoparticles. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2013, 135, 1570-1576.

5. Sun, Y.-L.; Yang, Y.-W.*; Chen, D.-X.; Wang, G; Stoddart, J. F.* Mechanized Silica Nanoparticles Based on Pillar[5]arenes for On-Command Cargo Release. Small, 2013, DOI: 10.1002/smll.201300445.

6. Chen, D.-X.; Sun, Y.-L.; Zhang, Y.; Cui, J.-Y.; Song, Y.-B.; Shen, F.-Z.; Li, M. and Yang, Y.-W.* Self-assembly of pillar[5]arene-stabilized CdTe quantum dots mediated by viologens via host-guest complexation. RSC Advance 2013,3, 5765-5768.


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