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Stoddart Mechanostereochemistry Group



Eric C. Cooper

Undergraduate Student

Hometown: Bartlett, IL

Joined group: 2011

Left group: 2012


B.A. Chemistry - Northwestern University (2013)


I was raised in Bartlett, Illinois, a suburb about an hourís drive west of Chicago. After taking my first Organic Chemistry course at Northwestern, I fell in love with the breadth of the subject. The lab portion especially grabbed my attention because I learn much more from hands-on work than anything else. In my previous research with Professor Linda Hicke, I studied the regulatory effects of monoubiquitin in the binding of SH3 domains to proline-rich regions. Upon joining the Stoddart Group, I enjoy waking up every morning knowing that I will learn something innovative and fascinating. Since joining, I have been working on nanoparticles as drug delivery vehicles and synthesizing rigid rotaxanes. After graduation from Northwestern, I plan on working towards my Ph.D. and eventually becoming a Professor at the University level. When I am not cramming for exams or running columns, I enjoy cooking, growing my hair out, and listening to hipster music.


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