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John W. Wheeler

Postdoctoral Fellow

Hometown: United Kingdom

Joined group: 1991

Left group: 1993


BSc(Hons) Chemistry - first class Sheffield University (1988) PhD Birmingham University (1991) PgD Business Administration - distinction Staffordshire University (2001)


Best wishes to Fraser (now just the Nobel Prize to go!) and to everyone else who has had the privelidge to work with him past and present. I spent 2 years with Fraser at Birmingham University (1991-1993) working on porphyrin-capped rotaxanes, which was synthetically very challenging. From here I moved to Staffordshire University (Stoke-on-Trent, UK) to a post as Lecturer then Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry. Research took a bit of a back seat but I worked with a couple of other people on some polymer chemistry from which came a few publications and conference presentations. More recently I have changed direction in two ways. I am now an Associate Dean in the Faculty of Sciences, which means more management than science. And my research is now in forensic chemistry, in particular investigating the cyanoacrylate polymerisation reactions that are used to enhance latent fingerprints.


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